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[information] the second batch of jinzhanhong real stone paint to Hubei Wancheng square project

2020-03-31 3891183

With the decline of the epidemic situation, the "pause" key pressed in Hubei Province has been comprehensively and orderly switched to the "fast forward" key for resumption of work and production. Recently, the painting project of Wancheng square in Xianning, Hubei Province, which won the bidding of jinzhanhong real stone paint, was resumed in full swing. The second batch of natural real stone paint for the whole vehicle has arrived at the construction site.
The second batch of natural stone paint is loaded in the factory
Arrival at site
Wancheng square project is composed of pure commercial and commercial residential complex, which is located in the core area of traditional commercial center. It is an urban complex integrating food, clothing, housing, entertainment and shopping. It will be the most concentrated traditional shopping place in Tongshan, Hubei Province, and also the most prosperous commercial core area, with convenient transportation and unique location. Its completion will become a beautiful business card in Tongshan commercial real estate as a new landmark of the city.
Perspective of Wancheng square
As the top-grade urban complex of Tongshan, its engineering side puts forward strict requirements for the technical strength, product quality and coating service of suppliers. Jinzhanhong real stone paint with its own excellent product quality and excellent technology to meet the relevant needs of the engineering side, with an absolute leading edge from many brands.
Jin Zhanhong's new generation of natural stone paint is made from natural colored sand, silicone acrylic emulsion and imported pure flavor additives. It has many excellent properties, such as fireproof, waterproof, acid and alkali resistant, anti fouling, anti cracking, tasteless, non-toxic, strong adhesion, and never fading. It can effectively prevent bad environment from damaging the buildings and prolonging the service life of buildings. The natural color of jinzhanhong real stone paint gives people an elegant, harmonious and solemn aesthetic feeling. It is suitable for the decoration and protection of the internal and external walls of various buildings and has a return to nature effect.
Long lasting color: excellent alkali resistance, UV resistance, natural color sand, stable color, no need to worry about discoloration.
Wide application: it has excellent adhesion to all kinds of base surfaces and wide application range.
Waterproof and ventilating: it has good waterproof, ventilating and mildew resistant properties.
Environmental safety: waterborne silicone acrylic emulsion is non-toxic and environmental friendly, and meets the requirements of environmental protection.
Strong weather resistance: able to withstand the extreme climate environment in the north and south, with stable quality and guarantee.
Long durability: anti-aging, anti cracking, no fading and falling off for more than 20 years.
Simple and free: it can be sprayed on the cylinder, arc surface, various special shapes and special shapes at will, so as to easily solve the construction problem that the traditional hard plate can't be pasted at will.
Economic benefits: compared with dry hanging, real stone paint has an absolute cost-effective advantage.
As a professional brand of engineering construction coating, jinzhanhong has a product line with rich varieties and complete structures in the industry, covering the interior and exterior wall construction coating, interior decoration coating, etc., which has been favored by the majority of project companies in recent years. The winning of the bid once again fully demonstrated the absolute brand strength and excellent service of jinzhanhong, and further strengthened the application foundation of jinzhanhong coating in high-end engineering projects.
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