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PU toys produce revolutionary matching water-based release agent -- safety, environmental protection and saving

2020-03-31 3891119

Company introduction
Dongguan Licheng Trading Co., Ltd. is located in Dongguan, a famous manufacturing city in the world. It was founded in 2009 with the investment of Hong Kong Baoyuan Industrial Company. Focus on the distribution business of polyurethane release agent, and maintain good business and technical cooperation relationship with many famous fine chemicals companies at home and abroad.
Li Chuang company can provide polyurethane industry with comprehensive mold release agent products, excellent technical services and distribution network. Our employees have systematic training and professional knowledge, and can provide the best demoulding solutions to the needs and problems of various industries.
PU toys produce a revolutionary matching water-based release agent - safety, environmental protection, saving.
Pu release agent has developed from early butter and floor wax to solvent release agent, which is widely used for its convenient use, fast drying and high production efficiency. However, with the development of society, some disadvantages of solvent release agent also appear, such as a large number of VOC emissions, flammable, toxic and so on, the demand of enterprise safety production, the improvement of employees' safety awareness, so the water-based release agent is the future development direction, which is beyond doubt.
Dongguan Li Chuang company timely launched wra-750 water-based release agent, which is applied to spray mold cleaning products (PU toys, self skinning). The water-based release agent wra-750 has the following advantages: safety, environmental protection and fast drying
Good environment: using water as diluent can greatly reduce the VOC emission in the process of use, meanwhile, greatly improve the environment of the workplace, which is conducive to the health of the staff.
Reduce risk: the traditional release agent uses 120 × white electric oil as diluent and 120 × white electric oil as highly flammable substance, so it has the risk of fire in the process of storage and use; in addition, the storage and use of water-based release agent greatly reduces the risk of fire.
Reduce costs: 1. Directly reduce the cost of raw materials: 0.3-0.5mm diameter spray gun is used for water-based release agent, compared with the 1.0-1.5mm diameter spray gun used for traditional solvent based release agent, the spraying amount in unit time is reduced by 20-30%, so it can be seen that the cost of release agent is directly reduced.
2. Warehouse cost: the solvent type release agent needs to be stored for 120 × white electric oil, while the water-based release agent uses water as diluent and takes it as needed, saving the storage area of the warehouse.
3. Environmental cost: the traditional release agent produces a large number of organic waste gas in the use process. In order to meet the emission requirements, the enterprise needs to configure tail gas treatment facilities and bear the daily operation and maintenance costs; the organic waste gas of the water-based release agent is rarely discharged, which reduces the burden for the enterprise.
4. Safety cost: water is used as diluent for water-based release agent, and the fire hazard during storage and use is significantly lower than that of solvent release agent. For managers, the investment cost of safety will be correspondingly reduced.
Considering the above: raw material cost, equipment cost, safety cost, occupational disease reduction and other factors, wra-750 water-based release agent is competitive in the market.
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