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What you should know about drugs

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Also known as opium, commonly known as smoke, is the poppy fruit out of the emulsion through drying condensation. It is black or brown due to different places of origin and tastes bitter. Raw opium can be made into refined opium after being cooked and fermented. There is a strong sweet smell when smoking. Smokers will feel dizzy, nausea or headache when they first inhale. They will become addicted when they inhale for many times.
It is an alkaloid separated from opium. It is colorless or white crystalline powder with the content of about 10% in opium. It has the functions of analgesia, hypnosis, cough relief, diarrhea relief and so on. After taking it, it will produce euphoria, which is more addictive than opium. Long term use will cause mental disorder, delirium and fantasy. Excessive use will lead to respiratory failure and death. Historically, it was used as a psychoactive drug to stop opium, but because of its side effects, it was finally designated as a drug.
Heroin (heroin)
The chemical name "diacetylmorphine", commonly known as white powder, is made by the reaction of morphine and acetic anhydride. Its analgesic effect is 4-8 times of that of morphine. It has been widely used in medicine for anesthesia and analgesia, but it is fast addicted and very difficult to quit. Long term use will damage the immune function of human, and lead to the damage of heart, liver, kidney and other major organs. Injection and inhalation can also spread AIDS and other diseases. Historically, it was used as a psychoactive drug to stop morphine, but because of its side effects, it was finally designated as a drug. Heroin is known as the king of drugs in the world, and it is one of the most important drugs in China.
Annual herb of mulberry family, divided into toxic hemp and non-toxic hemp. The stems and stems of nontoxic hemp can be made into fibers and the seeds can be pressed into oil. Toxic marijuana mainly refers to short, branching Indian marijuana. Cannabis drugs mainly include cannabis smoke, cannabis resin and hemp oil, and the main active ingredient is tetrahydrocannabinol. Marijuana can inhibit and anesthetize the central nervous system, produce euphoria after smoking, sometimes hallucinations and delusions. Long term smoking can cause mental disorders, mental retardation, and damage the immune system of the human body.
Pethidine hydrochloride is a kind of synthetic analgesic used in clinic. It is a white crystalline powder, tastes slightly bitter and odorless. Its action and mechanism are similar to that of morphine, but its sedative and anesthetic action is less, only equal to 1 / 10-1 / 8 of that of morphine. Long term use can produce dependence and is classified as strictly controlled narcotic drugs.
Coca is a tropical shrub growing in the American continent, Southeast Asia and Africa, especially in South America. The height of coca tree is 1.5-3 meters, the growth cycle is 30-40 years, and coca leaves can be picked 3-4 times a year. Coca leaf is an important substance for extracting coca drugs. It was chewed habitually by ancient Indians and used to treat some chronic diseases, but its toxic effect was confirmed by science soon. Cocaine, the most important alkaloid, can be isolated from coca leaves.
Cocaine is a white crystalline alkaloid extracted from coca leaves. It is a powerful central nervous stimulant and local anesthetic. It can block the nerve conduction of the human body, produce local anesthetic effect, stimulate the cerebral cortex and central nerve by strengthening the activity of chemicals in the human body, show high mood, active, talkative, and sometimes aggressive tendency, with strong addiction.
In addition, traditional drugs include codeine, nacodine, DIHYDROETORPHINE HYDROCHLORIDE, etc.
Harm of drug use
1. Harm of drug taking to society
(1) Harm to the family: once there are drug addicts in the family, the family will not be the home. Drug users not only destroy themselves, but also destroy their families, which makes their families fall into (2) great damage to social productivity: drug use first leads to physical diseases, affects production, and then causes huge loss and waste of social wealth. At the same time, drug activities also lead to environmental degradation, reducing the living space of human beings.
(3) Drug activities disturb the public order: the aggravation of drug activities induces various illegal and criminal activities, disturbs the public order, and brings great threat to the social stability. No matter how you use drugs, it's harmful to the human body
Will cause great damage.
2. Harm of drug taking to body and mind
(1) Physical dependence, a strong dependence caused by repeated use of drugs.
Drugs act on the human body, making the physical fitness of human body produce adaptive changes, forming a new equilibrium state under the action of drugs. Once the drug is stopped, the physiological function will be disordered and a series of serious reactions, called withdrawal reactions, will cause people to feel very painful. In order to avoid withdrawal reaction, drug users must use drugs regularly, and constantly increase the dosage, so that drug users can not live without drugs.
(2) Spiritual dependence
When drugs enter the human body, they act on the nervous system, which makes drug users have a strong desire to use drugs, which drives drug users to look for and use drugs recklessly. Once there is mental dependence, even after detoxification treatment, it often takes months or even years to completely restore the original physiological function after the basic control of withdrawal reaction in the acute period. What's more, dependence on drugs is hard to eliminate. This is the reason why many drug addicts take drugs again and again, and it is also a problem to be solved in the world medical and pharmaceutical circles.
(3) Mechanism of drug harm to human body
At present, the most popular and harmful drug in China is heroin, which belongs to opiate lamp drugs. There are endogenous opioid peptides and opioid receptors in normal human brain and some organs in vivo. Under normal circumstances, endogenous opioid peptides act on opioid receptors and regulate human emotions and behaviors. After inhaling heroin, the production of endogenous opioid peptide is inhibited, and the balance state under the action of heroin is gradually formed. Once stopped, there will be restlessness, anxiety, cold and heat, gooseflesh, tears, runny nose, sweating, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc. The pain of this withdrawal response, in turn, urges drug users to do everything possible to maintain drug use in order to avoid this pain. Bingdu and ecstasy are central excitatory drugs in pharmacological action, which destroy the nerve center of human beings.
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