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[Qiu Haibo, expert in western medicine] Traditional Chinese medicine can effectively prevent excessive inflammation storm with little side effect

2020-03-31 3891100

The novel coronavirus pneumonia is a new virus, and it has no specific effect in clinic. How can Chinese medicine play a role in the confrontation with the new crown virus? Novel coronavirus pneumonia, Qiu Haibo, vice president of Zhongda Hospital Affiliated to Southeast University, analyzed the role of early involvement of Chinese medicine in reducing the severity of severe acute respiratory syndrome and transforming the normal patients to severe diseases, and reducing the transformation from severe to severe.
Clinically, novel coronavirus pneumonia patients have to undergo three steps, from virus to light, from common to severe development, to replicate, inflammatory reaction and organ damage. That is to say, after the new coronavirus replicates continuously in the patient's body, reaching a certain load will cause the body to produce excessive inflammatory reaction, for example, the occurrence of coagulation dysfunction, endothelial cell damage and so on, which will lead to the damage of various organs of the patient and develop into a serious disease.
Therefore, Qiu Haibo pointed out that the early intervention of traditional Chinese medicine played a role in curbing excessive inflammatory response and minimizing organ damage.
Inflammatory reaction is what people call "inflammation" at ordinary times. It is a defensive reaction of the body to stimulation. For example, hand scald will cause redness, swelling, tingling and other situations. However, excessive inflammatory reaction will cause organ damage, and the patient's situation will worsen accordingly.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia patients with early inflammatory reaction, mostly have a fever, muscle soreness and other symptoms. Qiu Haibo pointed out that western medicine traditionally uses analgesics and other drugs for the excessive inflammatory reaction caused by bacteria or viruses, but in fact, most of the Chinese patent medicine, Chinese herbal decoction and injection can also well contain the excessive inflammation, with less side effects. For example, Lianhuaqingwen capsule has obvious effect in the early use of patients with fever, which can be seen as a good medicine to curb excessive inflammation. For example, Xuebijing, a traditional Chinese medicine injection, has a good protective effect on endothelial cells and a good inhibitory effect on coagulation disorders. Therefore, the intervention of traditional Chinese medicine can make the excessive inflammatory storm be curbed in the early stage, so as to prevent the development of mild common type to severe type. In the same way, it can also reduce the possibility of the development of severe to critical type.
For severe patients, the new coronavirus causes not only lung damage, but also multiple organ damage. Different from the single target operations of most chemical drugs, the multi-target team operations of traditional Chinese medicine can achieve the effect of "one stone, three birds".
For example, rhubarb can be used clinically when patients have gastrointestinal flatulence and intestinal toxin absorption; Shenmai and Shenfu injection can be used clinically when the heart is damaged; Xuebijing can be used when the lung is damaged, and at least six effective ingredients in Xuebijing have been proved. Qiu Haibo pointed out that in the face of multiple organ damage, chemical drugs need to be used together, but the combination of multi-target traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine injection can sometimes produce better results.
For the specific effect of traditional Chinese medicine, Qiu Haibo pointed out that traditional Chinese medicine should also accelerate the use of internationally recognized randomized controlled study methods to evaluate its efficacy, and move towards a broader stage.
This article is excerpted from: Official no. of China Journal of traditional Chinese Medicine

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