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3PE anticorrosive steel pipe manufacturer

2020-02-09 3889470

3PE anticorrosive steel pipe manufacturers in China, three-layer PE has taken the lead in the application of oil and gas systems. The Shaanxi Beijing natural gas pipeline and the Korla Shanshan oil pipeline that have been built in China, and the nearly 4000 km pipeline of the west east gas transmission project of * near key projects, all adopt three layers of PE external anti-corrosion coating. In Henan Province, three-layer PE is also used for 67 km high-pressure gas pipeline from Shaanxi to Tianjin, 30 km high-pressure natural gas pipeline from outer ring road and 122 km underground gas storage pipeline of Shaanxi Beijing line. Main equipment for manufacturing 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe: steel pipe buffer platform, pipe pulling unit, traction machine, pipe threading machine, high-pressure blasting machine, repair platform, transmission line, steel pipe preheating furnace, shot blasting machine main machine maintenance platform and split grid steel pipe return transmission line, fast forward roller group, fast out roller, maintenance platform, etc. The production line of anticorrosive steel pipe anticorrosive operation can be applied to the anticorrosive operation of single-layer FBE, double-layer FBE, double-layer PE, double-layer PP and 3PE of steel pipe. Zui small processing pipe diameter of Φ 104mm (4 '), introduction of ordinary 3PE anticorrosive steel pipe, processing pipe diameter of Φ 1600mm, processing capacity of more than 350m2 / h, the production line includes steel pipe transmission system, surface treatment system, pipe body dust removal system, 3PE anticorrosive steel pipe processing factory, steel pipe heating system, electrostatic spraying system, coating system, water-cooling system, end cutting system, hydraulic and pneumatic system, detection system System and electric control system, etc.
It is the advanced product of traditional galvanized pipe. 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe is indispensable in the current construction, and we believe that through the extension of science and technology, it will have more brilliant achievements in the future. 3PE anti-corrosion is generally composed of three layers of structure: * layer of epoxy powder (FBE > 100um), second layer of adhesive (AD) 170-250um, third layer of polyethylene (PE) 2.5-3.7mm. In actual operation, the three materials are mixed and integrated. After processing, it is firmly combined with the steel pipe to form an excellent anticorrosive coating. The processing method is generally divided into two types: winding type and circular mold covering type. 3PE anticorrosive steel pipe coating (three-layer polyethylene anticorrosive coating) is a new anticorrosive steel pipe coating produced by ingenious combination of 2PE anticorrosive coating in Europe and FBE coating widely used in North America. It has been recognized and used for more than ten years. The coating of 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe is epoxy powder anti-corrosion coating that the bottom layer contacts with the steel pipe surface.
The cooling effect of an external circular cooling device for steel tube is improved, but the quality defects caused by the external cooling method and the thickness reduction of weld bead coating cannot be overcome fundamentally. It is pointed out that the ideal way to reduce the thickness of the coating is to cool it from the inside of the steel pipe. The United States has disclosed an internal cooling method for steel pipe anti-corrosion, in which a water pump is placed inside the steel pipe to spray water on the inner wall of the steel pipe during the rotation of the steel pipe. The cooling sequence of the steel pipe and the anti-corrosion coating is: steel pipe, FBE layer, adhesive layer and PE layer. In the market, there are many kinds of pipe materials. Seamless steel pipe is one of them. Compared with common pipe materials, seamless steel pipe has significant advantages. Therefore, this type of pipe material is very popular in the market. Seamless steel pipe is widely used, which is also a significant advantage of seamless steel pipe. Production of seamless steel pipe The scale is also expanding, and the production of seamless steel pipe is also increasing. Therefore, 3PE anticorrosive steel pipe has become the choice of coating anticorrosion in some large-scale pipeline projects. Pipeline anti-corrosion coating refers to the coating applied on the pipeline to slow down or avoid the corrosion and deterioration of the pipeline due to the chemical and electrochemical effects of internal and external media or the metabolic activities of microorganisms. Zs-711 inorganic anticorrosive coating commonly used in the market is applied to all kinds of pipelines with corrosive medium, and its service life can reach more than 20 years, so as to protect pipelines from corrosion. Zs-711 inorganic anti-corrosion coating is composed of modified organic-inorganic solution and new inorganic polymer, dispersed and activated metal, metal oxide nano materials and rare earth ultra-fine powder. The inorganic anti-corrosion coating can react with metal atoms on the surface structure of the pipeline rapidly and produce inorganic polymerization with physical and chemical double protection function and solid combination with the matrix through chemical bond The anticorrosive coating has no pollution to the environment, no toxic gas, long service life and advanced anticorrosive performance.
In December of the same year, experts from China Petroleum infrastructure Bureau, Pipeline Bureau, Sichuan Petroleum Design Institute and northwest pipeline headquarters jointly organized a delegation to visit 3PE coating line in the United States, Italy, Turkey and other countries. In May 1995, Liaohe Oilfield Construction No. 1 company was responsible for the bidding and introduced * 3PE coating lines from Canada guerau company. It was put into normal production at the beginning of 1996. In 1996, the Shuozhou anti-corrosion plant jointly built by soksam company of Italy and Harbin plastics No.6 plant was transformed and put into normal production in May. The 3PE coating line introduced by the northwest pipeline headquarters and Hong Kong businessmen from the Netherlands was completed and put into operation in Baoji Yadong anticorrosion company in 1996. So far, 3PE anticorrosion has been concerned and applied. Since the construction of senninglan pipeline, through bidding, and the localization of 3PE anti-corrosion materials, the prefabrication price of 3PE anti-corrosion has dropped significantly, which has started the era of wide application of 3PE anti-corrosion in China. Up to now, 3PE anti-corrosion coating has been used for the external anti-corrosion of 20000 km buried steel pipe. Polyethylene three-layer structure protective layer, also known as three-layer PE (3PE), is an advanced anti-corrosion technology introduced from abroad in recent years. Its full name is fusion bonded epoxy / extruded polyethylene structure protective layer, which consists of the following three layers: the bottom layer is fusion bonded epoxy (≥ 80 μ m); the middle layer is adhesive (170-250 μ m); the surface layer is extruded polyethylene (about 2mm). The total thickness of protective layer is about 1.8-3.7mm. In the three-layer structure, the main functions of the fusion bonded epoxy powder coating are: to form a continuous coating, to directly bond with the steel pipe surface, to have good chemical resistance and cathodic stripping resistance; to react with the active group of the adhesive in the middle layer to form a chemical bond, to ensure that the overall anti-corrosion coating has good adhesion at a higher temperature. The middle layer is usually a copolymer adhesive, and its main component is polyolefin. At present, vinyl copolymer adhesive is widely used. The polar functional group of copolymer adhesive can react with the epoxy group of fusion bonded epoxy powder coating to form hydrogen bond or chemistry.
It is widely used in heating, cooling, oil transportation, steam transportation and other pipelines. 3PE anticorrosive steel pipe is a kind of anticorrosive steel pipe with three layers of polyolefin coating. The 3PE anticorrosive steel pipe is composed of three layers: the first layer is FBE epoxy powder with a thickness of more than 100um; the second layer is ad adhesive with a thickness of about 170um to 250um; the third layer is PE polyethylene with a thickness of about 2.5mm to 3.7mm. In the actual operation process of the factory, the three materials are mixed into a whole, which are processed by two methods of winding type or circular mold wrapping type to form an excellent three-layer anticorrosive coating 3PE anticorrosive steel pipe. The main function of the epoxy powder primer is to form a continuous film, which can be directly bonded with the surface of the steel pipe for conveying medium and has good chemical resistance Secondly, the epoxy powder primer reacts with the active group of the intermediate adhesive to form chemical adhesion.
The outer diameter of 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe 3PE anti-corrosion spiral steel pipe is revealed by the letter D. after that, the size and wall thickness of the outer diameter will be added. Cangzhou Longdu pipeline specializes in the production and sales of various specifications of square pipe, spiral pipe, straight seam welded pipe and other products, with the materials of Q235, SS400, 16Mn, etc. the specifications of spiral steel pipe can be processed locally on behalf of customers for steel pipe anti-corrosion, steel pipe insulation, pipe end flange welding And other businesses. The products are sold all over the country for many key projects, and get the praise and trust of customers and leaders at all levels. After cutting into single steel pipe, each batch of steel pipe shall be subject to strict first inspection system, and the mechanical properties, chemical composition, fusion status, surface quality of steel pipe and non-destructive testing shall be inspected to ensure that the pipe manufacturing process is qualified before it is put into production. After manual ultrasonic and X-ray recheck, if there is any defect on the part with continuous acoustic flaw detection mark on the weld, after repair, it shall be subject to non-destructive inspection again until it is confirmed that the defect has been eliminated. The tube of butt weld of strip steel and T-joint intersecting with spiral weld shall be inspected by X-ray television or film. Each steel pipe is subject to hydrostatic test, and the pressure is sealed radially. The test pressure and time are strictly controlled by the microcomputer testing device of steel pipe water pressure. Test parameters are printed and recorded automatically. The pipe end is machined so that the perpendicularity, slope angle and blunt edge of the end face are accurately controlled. We always firmly believe that "today's high-quality products make tomorrow's brilliant market". Our factory products strictly control the quality and provide you with high-quality products. Our company specializes in producing various specifications of spiral steel tubes, which are famous in many provinces / cities / autonomous regions / municipalities directly under the central government with good reputation / high-quality products / strong strength / low price. Welcome new and old customers to visit our factory for guidance As for the production situation of the steel pipe plant, due to the shortage of transportation capacity, it is difficult for the steel pipe plant to import and export goods, that is, the inventory of raw materials is slowly replenished, and the delivery of finished pipes is not smooth.

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